Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Interview with the Pros" is Revised for 2007

With all of the new and exciting changes in Capital Gains Tax savings, the new revised version of my Interview with the Pros series has been updated for 2007.

You will hear directly from the founder of the charitable foundation offering the installment sale through the foundation for maximum tax savings. The information of how a charitable bargain sale is combined with an installment sale to provide a guaranteed income stream, charitable tax deduction and partial forgiveness of capital gain tax and recaptured depreciation is explained in simple language.

Your CPA and attorney will love this important information. You will know what only about 1% of any potential seller or their counsel even aware of.

My segment is new as well, detailing how the recent changes have opened up ways to help people that didn't exist last October.

Here's the new link Interview with the Pros - 2007 Revision

If you have more than 100K inequity in any investment you are selling, you will receive your investment back tenfold by learning this information prior to sale.

You DO have great options!!

Paula Straub

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