Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Your Input Would Be Appreciated

I have been asked to host a new weekly talk radio show which will be debuting January 21, 2008 on

It will be called “Simply Wealth” and will be available on-demand from the website, in podcast form, and soon at many national public libraries in subscription form.

I’m very excited and can use your help to make it the best radio program online.

The show will be focusing on timely topics which will educate and inform listeners on ways to increase, maintain, protect and pass on their personal wealth.

Each week I will interview guests who are experts in their respective fields and I would love you to write and tell me what subjects you would like more information on and that would personally benefit you.

As my subscribers, your needs are very important to me.

Currently, shows will include managing the mortgage meltdown, how commercial real estate is holding up compared to residential, selling your home through auction, how to choose the right CPA, Long Term care for family members and more.

Send any suggestions for topics, any guest speaker recommendations, and any names of potential show sponsors to me at or to my assistant Jessica at

I want this program to help as many people as possible.

Paula Straub

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