Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Do You Know If You Are Paying Too Much In Taxes?

"It’s not how much you make, but how much you keep." How true.

I specialize in capital gains tax savings but also talk with my clients about how else taxes may be impacting their bottom line. I know they do mine.

Not everyone has a CPA do their taxes. You might do your own, use a software program like Turbo Tax, or take your data to a local tax preparer like H&R Block.

CPAs can be pricey to employ and you may not think you have enough issues to hire one to prepare your returns. However, you may also be missing something that may be costing you money that could be still in your bank account.

I have worked out a deal with a CPA firm I do some work with that you can take advantage of.
For $30.00, a CPA from Gradient Tax Services will do a thorough review of your last year’s tax return. I get no compensation from this offer. It goes directly to them for the review.

They will let you know if you are not taking advantage of any tax breaks you are entitled to, or if there might be a way to reduce future taxes. You may be eligible to amend your return and get money back from last year.

With this economy, we need to keep every penny we’re entitled to.

If you would like to have Gradient review your return, email me your name and telephone contact number and I will tell you the procedure to complete the review.

$30.00 is a minimal amount for a Certified Public Accountant to see if they can save you a heck of a lot more.

Paula Straub

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